Irina's Story

From Law to Spa!

Irina was born in Siberia, and later moved to Krasnodar in southern Russia. She followed in her mother's footsteps and attended law school, eventually becoming a criminal defense lawyer. She practiced law for 16 years before moving to the United States. During that time, she visited her esthetician weekly so she could always present her best possible appearance in court. From these weekly visits, Irina learned unique techniques that are common only to European practices, and not normally taught in US schools.

Once in the US, Irina found she could not practice law here without starting law school from the beginning, so, she sought out a new career. She decided to become an esthetician so that she could share the unique techniques she had learned in Russia and combine them with American styles. These techniques made her the most popular student at the Academy of Aesthetic Arts, and have served her -- and her clients -- very well in her own private practice.

What Customers Have to Say

I have visited many estheticians in the KC area, but Irina is the very best that I have found. She has a very gentle touch and is genuinely interested in the appearance and satisfaction of her clients.
- Vita

My experience with seeing Irina has resulted in my skin feeling so healthy or looking so fresh. I wear less make-up than I did 30 years ago! I look forward to every session because I know I'll go home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
- Linda

Irina has worked miracles for my skin. The texture of my face has changed from rough and dry to healthy and glowing. The redness on my cheeks and nose has also lessened and therefore I don't have to wear a heavy foundation. I've recommended Irina to all of my freinds.
- Sarah

Although most of us think of massage therapy as a special treat reserved for a vacation or holiday gift, I enjoyed the opportunity to receive the facial services from Irina when my face was going through some changes that made getting ready for work a chore. I could not cover up the damage from the Summer sun and I'm not talking about just one Summer of abuse. I need ed a face make over and lifestyle change. Now people tell me what great skin I have.
- Mary Ellen

I have been getting facials for over 30 years, and Irina is truly amazing. She is constantly pampering and facial massage is like no other.
- Gail